Oh don’t congratulate me. I have lost all my friends

The first Duke of Wellington  said this after his victory of Waterloo. Another remarkable quote of him is ‚believe me, nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won‘

The so called Iron Duke apparently knew very well about the atrocities of war. He lived in a time, when people thought wars were unavoidable. Today  the 200 anniversary of Waterloo is celebrated . Do we still think, wars are unavoidable ? Or do people even believe, there may be good wars ?

I don’t want to give up my optimistic opinion that is : people are able to learn the most important message of all historic battles : Violence or war will never be a solution of any problem . Memorial days and memorial places only make sense, if we take them as a reminder of the simple truth outspoken even decades before Waterloo by Benjamin Franklin :

‚There was NEVER a bad peace or a good war.‘

Let’s begin the struggle for peace within us. The key for peace is not without.

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