Printbook or ebook ?

Printbook or ebook ? This seems to be nearly an ideological question to some people. For me it is not. But I admit I prefer the ebook as a reader and as a selfpublishing author.

As a reader I feel, it`s a matter of convenience. It`s of course much easier to carry an ebookreader with you instead of a suitcase with a lot of books. From the point of view of an independent author it`s surely less complicated to publish an ebook but a printed book. And the author has more possibilities to reduce his margin, to offer his readers an attractive prize.

On the other hand the relationship between reader and printbook can be more personal. more real. You hold it in your hands. You can pass it on, you may wrap it up as a gift.

As an author you can provide a printbook with a personal signature and hand it to your reader.

We can discuss these questions still for long time. The result will be always the same. Ebooks will never replace printbooks totally. Both will coexist, as for instance cinema and tv do. Myself will publish as well printbooks and ebooks.

And today I proudly present my book “ Gott aber schweigt“ in a print version. You can order it at Amazon for 9,99 € or you can sent me an email to and you will get one for the same prize including a personal author signature.

And I`m even bold enough to announce, after a year I will offer my books in English language too. The first will be “ But God is silent“.

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