Stand against racism ans warmongering

The facebook group `writers online`, I belong to, excluded a member because of xenophobic statements. I totally agree with this and take the occasion to make a personal statement:

I am convinced a writer is comitted to certain values, as peace, human dignity and respect for creation and all persons. I appreciate freedom of speech as a high value too. But I see myself commited to stand up against all kinds of racism and warmongering. I am well aware of the fact, that it is very often difficult to find out what is truth and many answers depend on your individual point of view.

But I want to point out unequivocally, if you are a racist, or you are in favor of wars of agression you cannot be my friend or my follower.

You can read in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri that the hottest hell is for those, who deny to take a stand in morally important fights. I will not face this hell, I stand against racism and warmongering.

Ein Gedanke zu “Stand against racism ans warmongering

  1. You are amazing man, may God give you the courage to face all the challenges with a smile. All people are equally before God, if we were to select the most intelligent, imaginative, energetic, and emotionally stable third of mankind, all races would be present.

    Gefällt mir

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