For a World without Barbed Wire and Order to Fire

There are a lot of troubles all over the world today. Wars, terrorism, refugees and other migration movements. Some people think, they could create order at least for their own country with walls and barbed wire. Among those are Viktor Orban in Hungary and Donald Trump in USA.

Three things speak against these approaches to solve the problem. At first it is inhuman, at second it is -at least concerning refugees- against international law. And at third it is not effective, for walls and barbed wire can be overcome.

Of course walls can be guarded by soldiers, who have order to shoot and kill. Germany knows this from recent history. The problems were the other way round, not entering but leaving should be prevented. This is without doubt more effective with an oder to fire. But who really wants this ? And in the long run a historical development can only be delayed by this way, not prevented.

It makes more sense to look at realities. There has been migration at all times, more or less, legal and illegal, voluntary and unvoluntary. In the USA only the native Americans are without immigrant background. The ancestors of the others came either voluntary – mostly uninvited – or against their will abducted as the forefathers of the Afroamerican people. Nation building under the circumstances of steady migration is a big challenge. The ancestors of most Europeans didn’t live there, where their descendants are today. In retrospect it makes no sense to ask, did they come voluntary or because of forced eviction.

I don’t want to talk things easy. Big efforts are needed to solve the problems. There will be disputes about the distribution of expenses. And I’m not going to say, only saints are immigrating. But let’s discuss the ways to solve the problems on the basis of our values. That means Human Rights and Human Dignity is valid for all. And people, who don’t want to admit this, will have to take notice of the following lesson: Whoever wants to solve problems with barbed wire and order to fire will be among the losers of history.

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