Thinking about 9/11

I remember 9/11 very well. I remember my feelings of anger and indigation, I remember feeling strong solidarity with the American people. All these emotions are still alive . But today I ask myself the following question :

What if Al Quaeda had a strategy ? Perhaps their aim was not only to destroy the twin towers and to kill thousands of innocent people. It might have been their strategy to provoke the western nations to wars, which were not thought-out.

We have wars now in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands people were killed in these wars, millions of people lost their home and are on the run. A majority of people in the Middle East blames the western nations for this, above all the USA. Islamistic terrorism is stronger than before. The USA and their allies seem to be in a double bind. It is not possible to let IS march on,  but will a military solution of these problems be possible without new western ground troops ? But this if this happens, it would lead to new anti American emotions in this region and more intake for terrorists. And how long would ground troops have to stay, and what will happen after ? So many ifs and buts.

I’m afraid, we’ve fallen into the trap. And if Al Quaeda had in 2001 such a strategy, it was sucessful.

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