Nations Change Their Face

It’s a matter of a fact that nations change their face on time. It is most obvious with classic immigrantion countries as the United States of America. When I was young the image of this nation was characterized as white, anglosaxon and protestant. Today these people are no longer a majority. Is it good? Is it bad? On my opion this is an irrelevant question. It’s not about preventing changes by force. But they should be controlled and directed in a way that a nation emerges with more strength.

Racism, discrimination and xenophobia have to be overcome. Underprivileged groups should not admit, that they are played off against each other. Black people against latinos, underpaid natives against immigrants.

The German nation has become an immigrantion nation, if some people like this or not, it has been already for some time. This development will increase now by refugees coming to Germany. Xenophobia and hostility against islam will not help.I’m not going to talk problems small. But let’s tackle them with heart and mind. Germany is an immigrantion country, that’s unavoidable. Germany is a free and tolerant country, it has freedom of worship, and I’m proud of it.

What is unavoidable as historical development and destiny ? What is in our hands. Definitely it’s in our hands, to treat people who come to us decently, and to oppose resolutely fire raisers, intellectual arsonists and real ones.


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