Why I do love the ‚ Suitcase Story‘

We live in a world with so many wars and so much hate. What we do need is love, peace and tolerance. To be honest, I can`t put my hope on politics. I feel it is more important for most politicians to play  poker for power, but to care for real peace. I put my hope much more on normal people, who work on small projects, that are able to bring people from different countries together.

Such a project is the ’suitcase story‘. It is an international project . People from all over the world unite realizing a fun idea. They do not depend on any political or economic organisations. They want to  travel , communicate and develop friendship with each other without boundaries. They do not pay attention to race, nationality, finance or any other abilties. They have chosen the suitcase as a symbol for traveling. They want to make short tv spots about customs , people and events belonging to different cultures. At the moment it`s only a facebook group, but they will create their own website and publish the first videos soon. People of 40 countries take part, from  Russia , Germany, USA, China, South Africa etc.

I think friendly international relationship is a good school of tolerance and this project deserves our support.

People from different countries coming together to work on things they love, is a great chance to overcome prejudices and create understanding. As for instance Daniel Barenboim and Edward  Said founded the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, young people from Israel and arabic  countries united to play music inspite of all mutual reservations, and at the end an Israeli and a Syrien player shared the same music stand.

We need more of such projects as this orchestra and the Suitcase Story.

Peace cannot come into this world until we are convinced that violence will never produce it.

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