I`m a friend of Israel and of Palestine

Is this possible ? I say: Yes. I love the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, founded by Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said. I love ‚ Who the fuck is Kafka‘ by Lizzie Doron, because this book shows the problems and the accompanying feelings of both sides very well. Mutual understanding is necessary. I don’t put my hope on politicians, but on normal people, who will favour the power of love to the love of power

My new book “ Die Macht des Schicksals“ ( the force of destiny ) plays in Germany against the background of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Taxidrivers of a German town find a man who has lost his memory. Soon becomes clear, a secret service is on his trail. The plot is dramatic: secret weapon programs, hate and love play a role. Will force of destiny be on the side of the lovers or is the logic of war and hatred going to win?

I am not the person, who unilaterally takes sides. I know, there`s hardly any conflict, you can say, these are the good guys and those the bad ones. Instead it is necessay to overcome the trenches of hatred and the logic of war.

The book is published at the moment only in German, I hope I will be able soon to issue it in English too.

Nobody does anything inappropriate given his model of the world. If I can make a modest  contribution to create awareness that love is the agent of universal synthesis, I’ll be happy.

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