Syria ISIS and the Big Error

The main character of my book The Force of Destiny gets out of a secret weapon program following his conscience and because he knows more and better weapons don`t provided greater security but more only more suffering and more problems.

I wished the politicians of the great powers had this knowledge. But it seems, they want to solve the problem of ISIS terror mainly by the use of more and better military means. This strategy will fail.

The different powers have different political goals. Russia want to keep its Naval Base.  USA wants to overthrow dictator Assad and enlarge its own influence. Turkey wants to keep the Kurds weak, because it sees a threat for itself in them. Iran wants to expands it influence in the region. And Israel fears exactly that, and is afraid, Iran might even become a nuclear power, whereas itself is a nuclear power itself for decades, which has been made public by the relevations of Mordechai Vanunu in the 80ies. They all say, the mainly want to fight ISIS. Isn`t this hypocrisy?

The next result of more bombing will be more dead civilans as collateral damage and consequently more hate against western countries, which will drive new fighters to ISIS or any successor organisation. Could ground troops defeat ISIS. Short term sure, but how long do you want them to stay ? 10 years? 20 years? And after ?

Some critics argue now against: Smart ass, how do you want to fight ISIS, with prayers?

No, I don`t say, military means are not useful in any case. But at first we must understand, there are no quick and simple solutions. Fighting ISIS, Al Quaeda and similiar organisations is a long-term problem. And we should know, mothers in Damascus and Baghdad cry for their children same as mother in New York and Paris. And up to now neither the supply routes for ISIS are closed nor their possiblities to sell oil are prevented. A long fight against terrorisms will be necessary. Don`t look for quick and simple solutions.



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