Life is What Happens to You While You Are Busy Making Other Plans


John Lennon sang this. At the beginning of my book The Force of Destiny taxidriver Bruno plans to sit after a few minutes at home on his sofa drinking a beer. But then he finds a man, who is in danger and has lost his memory. A dramatic story begins.

Fate or coincidence ? You can hardly answer this question finally. It’s a matter of faith. There’re people, who think, life is only subject to the well known laws of nature, anything else is just coincidence. Nobody  is able to refute this.

Myself I’m a spiritual person and I believe in fate. That does not mean, we are delivered to a blind destiny helpless. I think our fate is at least partially in our own hands. The human mind is far to small to understand all the challenges and ways of fate. So can a tragic event perhaps be necessary in a higher sense.

The protagonists of my book have to go many winding paths. Of course there are legitimate doubts, if they will find justice and the promise ‚ Blessed are the Peacemakers‘ will be kept.

Does fate strike blind and unjust? Be cautious to judge.

What the caterpillar considers to be the end of all days, is in truth a butterfly.

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