The year 2016 and The Force of Destiny

The year 2016 has just begun and we all ask, what will it bring ?

There will be a lot of risk for peace and international relations. Syria, Iraq, Yemen to name just a few. Mutual respect and religious tolerance are in danger.
Will be a “No Muslims Allowed” sign on the statue of liberty? Will Europeans try to solve the refugee problem by building walls? Will the situation in Israel and Palestine be influenced even more by walls and fortifications on one hand and terrorist attacks on the other. I hope not.
I am convinced, German history of the 20th century teaches us two lessons.
Racism and defamations of religions lead to a terrible end.
Whoever tries to solve problems by walls and barbed wire, will be in the long run among the losers of history. The last as a message to Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and people similar sentiments.
But I still hope, wisdom and understanding will prevail, and the extremists won`t escalate each other. We will not overcome terrorisms with primarily military means. Education, integration and solutions to social problems are crucial. I am an incurable optimist and that`s why I will not give up my hope, we could come closer to peace in small steps in 2016. And I expect the whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who inspired my book `The Force of Destiny` will be allowed to leave Israel after 30 years of prison and isolation. And I hope the realization will gain ground, problems are not solved by building walls. But let`s not only wait for a favorable force of destiny. We all should stand up for peace and understanding.

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