Do We Understand The Writing On The Wall

Eleven million illegal immigrants in the USA. Donald Trump wants to chase them out of the country. Millions  of migrants have entered and want to enter Europe, among them people who run away from wars, asylum seekers and people who just want to escape a miserable life. Can we solve the problem by building walls and fences ?

I say: No. Migrants coming to our countries, illegal or legal, refugees or not, are nothing but the writing on the wall. King  Belshazzar of Babylon didn’t understand the words on the wall written in fire and soon after he was dead. Do we understand the writing on the wall?

There’s a long history of exploitation and enslavement of the poor people in the world by western countries. Think of millions of slaves, brought from Africa to USA, Brezil and many other countries. Nearly  half of them died on the way or a few days after. The average survival on the plantations was seven years. Time of slavery is over, but the aftermath is still there. Haiti had to pay to France 150 million gold francs for the abolition up to 1885 ( in our terms today a 12 digit amount of $), one of the causes of the extreme poverty of this country. France denied up to now any compensation.

You may say of course: Don’t bother me with old stories. That’s long ago. Okay, you want new examples of exploitation and enslavement. I can give you a lot. The new colonizers are banks, hedge funds, the IMF , multinationals etc.

For  example the death toll per year caused by starvation and lack of medical care in 122 poor countries amounted to 58 million according to UN figures, as many people as died in consequence of world war II . Do you think that’s the fault of these countries ?

Nigeria is the richtest country of Africa, but 70% of the population suffer from extreme poverty. Who is.making big profits there ? Exxon, BP, Royal Dutch etc.

Hedge funds speculate with staple food worldwide. They don’t care if the poorest can’t afford it any longer and starve. The annual income of a hedge fund top manager amounts from 400 million US $ to 1.3 billion US $.

Colombia is the fifth largest palm oil producer in the world. A good deal for big landowners and multinationals, who make profit of our biofuel. They hire paramilitary groups to displace small farmers by force. Within five years more than 13.000 people were killed, the rest remained without land and jobless.

In 2008 Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy declared that they had provided 1.700 billion € to save the banks. In the same year the European contribution to World Food Programme was reduced from 6 to 3.2 million US $.

I could give you hundreds of similar examples to answer the question, where does poverty in the world come from. But I will not bore you. Of course I am able to give you a list of books, that deal with the question, why is so much poverty in a rich world.

Some  people will say, there were always rich countries and poor countries. I agree as far as this fact is not justified by racist reasons. But please note, we live in the 21. century. Nowadays information, how people in rich countries live, go easily round the world. Do you wonder, that more and more people in poor countries have the idea to live in rich countries?

Of course I agree migration can’t be the answer to poverty in the world. In this case 2 billion people would come. But we should understand the writing on the wall. If we don’t cope with the problem of extreme poverty in so many countries, problems will fall back on us in many ways.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

( Martin Luther King )







Ein Gedanke zu “Do We Understand The Writing On The Wall

  1. Hinzu kommt die durch die Industriestaaten verursachte Zerstörung der Umwelt in den armen Ländern. Die Folgen dieser Umweltzerstörung entziehen den Menschen jetzt schon ihre Lebensgrundlagen. Auch dieser Umstand führt zu Migration.
    Zäune und Mauern können Menschen nur kurze Zeit aufhalten. Das zeigt auch die deutsche Geschichte. Flucht Ursachen müssen bekämpft werden. Das erfordert ein Umdenken und eine Änderung des Verhaltens.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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