Is God Silent ?

The titel of my first book is “ Gott aber schweigt“. In English “ But God is silent“. I received many questions and comments about this titel. Among others questions as “ why this titel“ and comments as “ of course he is silent, because he doesn’t exist“.

I try to give answers from my point of view beginning with a personal experience. I think, I was still a preteen boy, when I found a belt buckel, that had been part of the my father’s uniform during world war II, the words “ God with us“ on it. Even  at that age I thought, terrible nonsense, God will never be on the side of one war party, he is a God of peace.

But why does God allow all this happen? Or is all the violence and terror in the world a proof that he doesn`t exist? My personal opinion is, everything is a God thing. And I can`t agree with the traditional point of view, he is somewhere above in heaven and he will come down some day to bring us paradise and peace. Even less I can match with the opinion, we have to make war against the forces of evil to create peace. I think, what we call God is a shorthand to describe the tremendous impulse that generates everything we know, and even more than we know. It is our task to create a world where love and mercy prevail in. The most important battle is not with military weapons but the fight for hearts and minds of people.

I have been asked for the main message of my book.

There are two

Do not think, you are doing a God pleasing deed, if you are making war. You are not, even if you fight against an evil enemy. If you follow the motto, there`s no omelet without breaking eggs , you are in danger to create more evil but good.

Stick to those who seek the truth and be suspicious, if someone tells you he has found it. People wo believe themselves in possession of the universal truth tend to stop at nothing.

In this sense I wish you all a peaceful Easter.

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