A Mad Mad World

US politicians who want to be presidential nominee think they can solve the IS problem by carpetbombing. At the same time World  Heritage Palmyra in Syria is freed by Assad’s army supported by Russian troops from IS. Have we be thankful to war criminal Assad ?

European governments  conclude an agreement with the Turkish government, Turkey takes back refugees, who enter Europe from there. At the same time it’s predictable that Europe will have to grant asylum to Kurds, wo are persecuted in Turkey. If Turkish government continues its agressive policy  against this minority, a very likely scenario. At the same time Turkish journalist who critically report on Turkish presidential Erdogan have to face legal prosecution. Have we to praise Turkey as a safe haven?

US Government boasts of having prevented Iran being a nuclear power in future. At the same time we know, Israel is a nuclear power already for some decades. This has become known already in the eighties by the revelations of Mordechai Vanunu. He is still held in Israel without the freedom to leave the country. Have we to praise Israel as a haven of peace and freedom?

International politics are caught in hypocrisy and dilemmas. Many people will call me naive, but I believe there’s only one way to get out of the vicious circle. We have to end the idea, that we can wipe out evil  by military means. Violence will always create new violence. Carpetbombing  leads to innumerable dead civilians as so called collateral damage. Finally we must understand, that mothers in Damascus and Baghdad cry for their dead children as well as mothers in New York and Paris. This world doesn`t need more war and weapons, it needs more love and understanding.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

(Martin Luther King)


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