Yes it is

Is poverty or injustice in countries far away from us our problem? I say: Yes it is. There two types of reasons.

At first moral reasons. „Love thy neighbor!“ that’s a commitment for every Christian. „Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you did it for me“ ( Matthew 25,40). A Christian never can say, the misery in the world is not his problem. Believers of other religions or those who feel bound to a humanistic tradition can’t be indifferent to poverty and misery either. Charity and mercy are high values everywhere.

And people  who don’t believe in any values and just want their own advantage? If they are not stupid, they will know at least this: It will not be possible for still long time to live in a world, where one fifth of the population consumes four fifths of the resources and we don’t care for the problems of the poor countries. If we don’t care for these problems, they will fall back on us. Either the poor will come to us as refugees of poverty and war, or even worse they will become fighters of radical movements as ISIS, Al Quaeda or others. And military responses to this will overwhelm our forces in the long term.

We must care for the problems of the poor. We have no other chance.

You say this too expensive? Then calculate: the global military spending is about 1.700 billion US $ per year. The so called Marshall  Plan , European Recovery Program, was started by the US with bipartisan support in 1948 after World War II. It helped to rebuild Western European economies. The financial support totaled 13 billion US $, in terms of today estimated 130 billion US $, it was a program for 4 years, that means in our terms about 33 billion US $ per year. If the rich countries of the world would cut their military expenses only by a part, a worldwide Marshall Plan could be financed, which would exceed that postwar program by a multiple.

All just utopia? It should not be. Is it worth to advocate.

Yes it is.

Everything is impossible until is done.

(Nelson Mandela)


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