Censorship is called Commercial Content Moderation

Do you think our social media in the internet are free and uncensored? You are wrong. And I do not speak of countries as China, Russia, Iran or Saudi-Arabia, but of pics and postings we all can see or can’t see at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

It’s called Commercial Content Moderation. How does it work? The Internet giants outsource this job to autonomous companies in low-wage-countries as Philippines. The big groups as google, facebook etc give them guidelines, that are highly secret. And underpaid employees decide according to these guidelines within seconds what we must not see, porn pics, depiction of extreme violence or hate speech for example.

The people in these companies surely have an awful job. They have to deal 10-12 hours a day with all the disgusting junk that is posted in the net. And it’s typical for the division of labor in our globalized world, where we dispose our hazardous waste and our internet junk.

I feel the even bigger problem is the total lack of transperency in these procedures. Violence is apparently treated differently. We are allowed to see beheadings done by IS in Syria or Iraq, whereas pics of similar cruelties in the Mexican drug war  are deleted. Is there a political intention behind it? And racist hate speed succeeds rather often to get through the filters of censorship. Are the underpaid employees in Philippines to negligent to recognize them? or the guidelines the get from Facebook etc to holey?

I think, we the users of Facebook, Twitter Google and others have a right for more transparency.

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