The Democracy of Wolves ?

What is a pivotal quality of democracy? Decision by majority? Think about 3 wolves and 1 sheep voting about the menu.

Of course free elections, majority decision all this is important. But democracy will only really work, if the rights of minorities are respected, of political, ethnic and religious minorities. Democracy will fail if Civil Rights of all are not supported by a broad consensus of the people.

That was one of the flaws, when they tried to build up democracy in Iraq after Saddam Hussein. The Shiites were the majority of people, but the Sunnis were not treated fairly. One milestone to make IS strong. President Erdogan and the Turkish government were elected in a democratic way. But what’s about the rights of opposition and Kurdish  minority? Israel is called by many people as the only democratic country in Middle East.  But Arab  Israelis are in many ways second class citizens, not to mention Arabs in East Jerusalem and in other occupied territories.

The German Weimar Republic doubtlessly had a democratic constitution. Hitler came to power under the rules of this constitution.

What did not exist, was the consensus about Human Rights for all and respect of minorities. And then this happened :

First of all, they came to take the gypsies

And I was happy because the pilfered.

Then they came to take the Jews and I said nothing,

because they were unpleasant to me.

Then they came to take homosexuals,

And I reliefed, because they were annoying me.

Then they came to take the communists,

I said nothing, because I was no communist.

One day they came to take me,

there was nobody left to protest.

(Bertolt Brecht inspired by Martin Niemöller, Christian oppositionist during the Nazi-time)

I think, we should learn therefrom, fighting for Human Rights and fighting for the Civil Rights of your neighbour, even if you totally dislike him, is the best way to fight for your own Rights



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