The Donald And The Desaster of The Political Establisment

Donald Trump the next President of the USA?  A man whose qualities are political unexperience, rowdy behavior and inciting racist prejudices? An unpredictable narcissist in the Oval Office and the most powerful politician in world? That’s a nightmare!

And if I look around in Europe, I notice a lot of similar phenomena. Of course the countries, parties and persons are not in every aspect comparable. But in Germany the xenophobic AFD has at elections everywhere 2 digit results, in Austria the 2 parties that have governed the country for decades were set back to the 3. and 4. rank at the presidential election, in France the right-wing FN is on the way to become the party with the biggest share of votes.

What are the reasons for this desaster of political establisment? I think it’s apparently not only a problem of the GOP. We can notice that nearly everywhere in western democracies establisment politicians are losing the trust of more and more voters. Some people try to give an explanation in this way: The world is becoming more complicated, so that many people don’t understand and as a result they fall for demagogues. I think this is a bit to simple.

What are the problems? People notice that because of globalisation middle class is eroding. People see that inspite of enormous military spending the world is not safer, but violent conflicts are increasing and terrorism is rising. People feel politicians have transfered biggest part of power to investment bankers, hedgefund managers and others. People think most politicians are greedy and only want to fill their own pockets. Are they so wrong? Hillary Clinton taking 250.000 $ for one speech at Goldman Sachs is not on the best way to rebut this presumption.

If Donald Trump is hopefully not elected President of the United States, I fear many politicians will sigh with relief and say: Good, now let’s go on making business as usual. If they do so instead of tackling the above mentioned issues, I’m afraid we’ll see a lot of Donalds in future.


3 Gedanken zu “The Donald And The Desaster of The Political Establisment

  1. I’ll tell you what Lothar, rest easy because as crazy as this sounds, I think we will have another hijacked election like was done to Al Gore where in the corrupt Florida Political Powers, it was not let slip that Gore should emerge President, though he was a shoo in (so it appeared except for the chad mechanism used to the Bush’s advantage). Good post. I enjoyed reading it. The world in a scary shape. That’s because haters, and those who fear Christianity, work behind the scenes, and in doing so, have created so much confusion, thus making possible a Donald Trump. The tide cannot be stemmed. Christians are trying to do just that. Nah. Things are the way they are supposed to be and it will be our children who will have to endure the worse. I pray that most of us seniors instill something within them to make it possible for them to endure what’s coming. You got Homosexuals saying that God made them that way, no, they are a product of the fall of man. Inevitable. I love them, it would be wrong if I didn’t. I have Homosexual friends. It does not mean I agree with the lifestyle. I have friends who came out from the life. No, I dont blame a lot of non Christians for thinking that all Christians are narrow minded. Should anyone venture upon my blog I disprove that. In a logical way, in a commonsensical way concerning human nature. Forgive me for writing a post on your comments section. Promise not to do it again, ever. Nice post.

    Gefällt mir

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