Pray for America

The Dallas Police Shooting on July 8 was a shock. One single offender thought it`s a good way: violence against violence. And he killed innocent people. I remember the words of Rev. Martin Luther King: We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.
The bloodshed unfolded just a few blocks from where President John F Kennedy was slain in 1963.
I ask myself, why so much hate? What to do against this.
At first I think, protesters who are concerned about killings by police should not be discouraged by those who use lawful actions as a cover for their heinous violence.
But above all we should be aware of the facts, that we all are human beings endowed with the same rights by our Creator and that the overwhelming majority condemns violence. We may have disagreements about many questions, but we are not in a Civil War ( headline of the New York Post) and it was a single, probably mental ill offender and it`s not ok to say “ Black Lives Kill“ ( headline of The Drudge Report).
The protest in Dallas began very peacefully. Black and white stood together. Civilians and Cops stood together. Let`s not divide us apart by some evil racist or heinous criminals, let not racial issues continue to divide us.
It`s necessary to take appropriate steps now, in criminal justice, in police training, in schools, in public discourse, so that each of us goes about our days in much peace as possible.
And most important, we will prove that love is stronger than hate, our prayers will be stronger than hate speech.
Let`s pray for America, let`s pray for love, let`s pray for peace in world.

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