Donald Trump and The GOP

The GOP is going to nominate Donald J. Trump for president. He has called for cracking down on Muslims and undocumented immigrants, stoked fears of crime and terrorism and repeatedly declared that the United States is on war for its own survival.
The GOP is a party with a great tradition, the party of Abraham Lincoln. Trump will be the nominee, no doubt. My personal opinion is, the party of Abraham Lincoln deserved a better one, but the more important question is, how did he win so much support to be nominated this week in Cleveland?
Mr. Trump has amassed dominant support from restive white voters. His political approach would have Republicans court working-class and rural whites, mainly in the South and Midwest, at the grievous cost of alienating minorities and women, who often decide presidential races.
This way Mr. Trump doesn`t unite the nation, what is one of the outstanding tasks of the President of the United States, but he divides the nation. At the same time he cuts off the GOP from the real population trends in the USA. As a result of this the Republican Party is divided and deeply imperiled. Trump is not only a danger for the inner peace of the nation but a danger for the GOP itself. The American democratic bipartisan system will only work in the long run, if both parties represent the whole nation, and this nation will doubtlessly be more colorful in future. This is a matter of a fact everyone has to take in consideration.
But why are big parts of white middle class so susceptible for Trumpism? It’s the fear of social decline as a result of globalisation. That’s the most important question both parties have to tackle. It’s the wrong path to put in the center of politics the economical interests of the richest 1% thinking that would automatically bring a benefit for middle class too. Only politics that are focused on the interests of middle class and low earners will give Trumpism no chance.
That’s the challenge for both parties.

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