Let`s Discuss Without Hate

Looking through the Social Media for political discussions I find more and more hate and an insulting language. „Idiot“ or “ sympathizer of Lucifer“ seem to ne no longer unusual. Why such words?
Aren`t we all human beings who want more or less the same. The pursuit of happiness following our ideas, and to live in freedom, justice and peace. Of course our ideas how to reach peace, or what is freedom, what is justice are often different. But if people think their own definition of freedom or justice is the only right one, and if they don`t respect people with different opinions, it`s a danger for our community. I know, it`s frustrating to notice that the majority votes for a party I totally reject and I´m not amused, if laws are passed in parliament and I think they are not good. But to endure this is part of democracy too.
Myself I´m ready to discuss calmly, objectively and with respect with any person having a different opinion, even if opinions collide hard.
But the bottom line is about violence. There are free election freedom of speech, freedom of press and separation of powers in western democracies as USA, Germany, France Nobody has a right of resistance. Persons who burn down houses, plant bombs or kill innocent people are criminal. Whoever endorses such actions or plays them down, doesn`t deserve our respect or tolerance.
I like to discuss with all other in mutual respect. A democracy needs factual controversy. No policy is without alternative and the counterpart deserves respect, no hate speech.

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