The Berlin Wall And Its Message

The Berlin Wall was built August 13 1961. The Communist rulers of eastern German DDR noticed, that people were running away and their state would collapse soon, if they were not able to stop this. That´s why they decided to build the wall. During the years after 1961 the border between western and eastern Germany became the best secured border in world. Many people trying to cross this border were killed.
But why did people run away from the communist-ruled Germany? They did because there was a lack of freedom and living standards in western Germany developed much better. After having built the wall communist leaders thought the ultimate problems were solved and there was no more danger their state could collapse.
Today we knew they were wrong. They didn`t solve the real problems. People wanted freedom and the communist state economy was ineffective. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the communist dictatorship of DDR had no chance to survive.

Today there are politicians who speak of walls and fences again. This times walls are not meant to prevent people from leaving the country, but to stop that people come in. I think of Donald Trump who wants to have a wall between USA and Mexico as well as of European politicians, who would like to have a Fortress Europe to prevent refugees coming into their countries.
It`s the other way round this time, but the message of Berlin Wall is still valid. Whoever tries to solve problems by building walls will be among the losers of history. It`s necessary to see the real challenge. The problems, the world is facing today, are extreme poverty, violence and wars worldwide. We can`t say, that`s not our problem. We must tackle the problems, otherwise we can build sky high walls, it will not help.
That`s the message of German Wall.

2 Gedanken zu “The Berlin Wall And Its Message

  1. I believe that this is another perspective on something I’d read from you before. That’s why I was confused and thought I had read this before, my bad. But I like this better.
    I however differ somewhat in opinion. The wall thing you pointed out is valid. However, I believe that the times must wind down, man cannot police humanity. Walls won’t do it. Yes you dualistic message relevant to walls is proper.
    But the ground work attempts to be laid for the return of Christ, all of the failure in man is preparing for His return.
    But just like policing with the walls won’t work neither will our ideas suffice to correct the world. This is why America has a crazy choice right now between two losers for President.
    But this is a good post, thanks.

    Gefällt mir

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