Love And Fear

There are two basic human feelings: Love and Fear.
Do you think the counterpart of love is hate? I don`t think so. Hate is a secondary feeling, as for example greed too. The source is fear, the fear there might be not enough for you or the fear somebody could take away what´s yours.
Take for instance xenophobia. The definition is an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or that which is foreign or strange. Psychological it`s a maladjustment resulting from an irrational fear, similar as you call an abnormal fear of spiders arachnophobia. There are people, who are afraid of these insects even if there`s not the slightest danger from them.
Or take greed. Does it make any sense, if people have a salary of 50 million $ a year ? Okay you may say that`s our system of economy. But isn`t a system ill, if one person can earn as thousand times as much as the average income. Isn`t a irrational greed promoted this way?
Love knows, that we are strong, love knows that we have nothing to fear from people only because they are strange to us. Love knows, that we all are human beings. That doesn`t mean, not be be careful, but from a position of strength and empathy. Love is full of courage. Fear leads to greed and hatred. Greed and hatred cause us to exploit ruthlessly other people and the resources of our planet.
I admit, we live in difficult times with wars and terrorism, with crime and violence. But we have also achieved much. Let us be brave, rely on our strength and look to the future with confidence.
Let´s decide for love.

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