The End of an Era

The era of neoliberalism, that began in the 1980s under Ronald Regan and Margret Thatcher is close to an end. An era with the faith, the markets regulate everything for the good and an era that was coined during its second period by progressive globalization.
I am not going to discuss, what were the benefits of neoliberalism and what the disadvantages. Such a discussion is useless now. The question is, in which direction the development after this era will lead. I see the danger it could lead backwards, in a direction people as Donald Trump in the USA, Nigel Farage in UK or Marine Le Pen in France want to lead us.
I am pretty sure this is the wrong direction, the problems of this world today cannot be solved with the means of yesterday or even before yesterday. Climate change for instance is a global challenge. Another problem that overtaxes the individual state is the fact, that there are global corporations tricking national tax authorities. They reach the goal paying minimum taxes while the big burden is left for the average taxpayer.
Therefore it`s not enough to oppose a broken system and promise people to lead them back to times 40 years ago, that have been allegedly much better.It is necessary to tackle the real issues that are among others climate change, tax justice and distribution of wealth. It isn`t okay that 400 persons have more wealth than the bottom of 62% households combined.
I am not going to propagate a new ideology. I am a man, who opposites very skeptically all ideologies. But I am sure we need new ways to overcome the ever-growing problems of a global world.
We surely don`t need more and higher walls, but it`s necessary to tear down the walls in our thinking. We have to solve the global problems together, or to say it with the words of Rev. Martin Luther King:
We will learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.

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