9/11 Whoever Kills The Innocent

It’s now 15 years ago that thousands of innocent people were killed by terror attacks in New York and Washington . Today we mourn for the dead. The victims of this terrible crime are a reminder, to do all we can to wipe out terrorism.
After 9/11 war against terrorism was declared. Let`s look back today and ask: Has terrorism continued to spread in the world or was it pushed back in comparison with 2001 ?
I`m afraid the answer is terrorism is today even a bigger threat than 15 years ago. Why? We have been making war against it for 15 years. Many people sacrificed their lives in this war and we spent a lot of money on military means. I think the answer is : We put too much focus on military means as bombs, drones, rockets and such things and cared too little about the causes of terrorism. The basis of terrorism are lack of education and poverty. Uneducated people living in poverty are very responsive to be enlisted by terrorist leaders. As long as it is done little to nothing against these deeper causes, the problem will become bigger and bigger.
And we should be aware of an important flaw of the military fight against terrorism. We don`t kill only guilty people with our drones but innocent people are killed too. We must not dismiss this as minor problem. Friends and relatives of innocent people killed by our drones very often join after this “ collateral damage“ ( our military is used to call it like that)terrorist groups to avenge the slain.
I am convinced the containment of terrorism will not succeed if we don`t recognize this: Mothers cry about their killed children as well in Bagdad and Damascus as in New York and Paris. We need to rethink our war on terrorism.
We owe it to the dead of 9/11.

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