Whoever Kills The Innocent

Is there a just war? I don`t think so. Sure, I admit there are situations in history, there`s no alternative but to stop war criminals by military means. Hitler and World War II is an example for this. But  we must clearly have one thing in mind. There`s no war without without killing innocent people. This applies to all war parties and all kinds of war. Even and especially if you fight against terrorist enemies in an asymmetric war you will kill the innocent too. I confess this thought is excruciating for me.
And an other aspect of killing innocent people by error is, that you create new enemies, namely the friends and relatives of the innocently killed people. I will never forget a conversation I had about 40 years ago with a young Vietnamese woman who was fighting for Vietcong against US troops. She told me, why she did so. Because all her family had been killed by an US attack, even though they had wanted to stay totally neutral.
I have to admit, I have more questions but answers. And in the book I`m working on a protagonist will tell: „Stick to those seeking the truth, and become suspicious if someone tells you, he found it.“
The only thing I know is, we will not be successful in a fight against terrorism, if we ignore the fundamental problems favoring it. These are poverty, lack of education and exploitation.

I’m  going to publish a politthriller about terrorist attacks and the fight against it after a few months. It will be my first book in English language and I hope it will not only be exciting but give a lot of ideas to think about. I decided now about the title. It will be: Whoever Kills The Innocent 

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