Slay The Poor

„You are wrong, if you think the rich want to maintain poverty. No and no again. They want to see the world developing, not to ugly, not too sad. Not already half dead. as an abandoned dying damn dog at their front door. They are already satisfied if they have uncomplicated manpower for the variety of tasks, they have to assign. They do not need more to keep away from themselves the knowledge, that they have sold their soul to the devil. They chase away the devil, they chase away the misery from their front door. Otherwise they would feel, time stands still, freezes and condenses to a thick lump hovering over them as a bad omen“
The words are from a book of Shumona Sinha, “ Assommons Les Pauvres“ ( Slay The Poor) is the title. The author is born in India and has worked as an translator at the French determening authority. Though it`s a fiction we learn in this book much about the processes there and hypocrisy in European asylum policy.
Many people may say, what`s said above, does not concern me, I´m not rich, I haven`t to assign a variety of tasks. But think about, where and under which working conditions your clothes have been produced or your smartphone, or where the toxic waste, we produce, is disposed.
We see people from the poor countries of the South flee en mass to the rich countries of the North. If our only answer is building walls, we indeed have sold our soul to the devil. Of course the solution can`t be, let all poor people immigrate to the rich countries. It´s much more important to work on the causes of flight. I hear politicians saying: We will do. But these are up to now just empty words.
Where are the actions? For example no weapon supplies to Saudi Arabia. They devastate with these weapons Yemen and the next wave of refugees is foreseeable. Or what´s about a world wide Marshall Plan to help the poor countries to overcome poverty? Of course a concept should be developed, that such a utility program does not favor multinational corporations and the corrupt elites in the poor countries, as it has been always before. As long as these problems are not tackled, no border security will prevent the growing influx of poverty and climate refugees. Will we wait till after decades some people will actually cry for the last resort : “ Slay the poor “ ???

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