It´s easier to dismantle an atom than a prejudice

Albert Einstein said this and he was right. There are prejudices everywhere. They make living together difficult and they are used by irresponsible politicians to incite violent conflicts and wars.
There are all kinds of prejudices, concerning gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and religion. Nobody of course admits spreading prejudices. They often call it common sense. For example “ men are more factual than women“ or
„gay men hate women and lesbians hate men.“ All nonsense of course, nevertheless widespread.
I think most dangerous are prejudices against ethnic groups or religions, that are used to incite conflicts and often trigger violence and wars.
In Northern Ireland of the 1970ies there were gangs capturing people, torturing them and finally beheading them for only one reason, they were catholic. On the other side, people in catholic pubs sang about protestant blood splashing from the knife. And the fighters of IRA were not soft either. Are all Protestants or all Catholics violent? 1993 thousands of defenseless captured Muslim people were killed by Serbian Christians troops at Srebenica. Would this justify a prejudice all Serbian Christians or perhaps Christians at all want to slay Muslims? 9/11 Muslim terrorists murdered thousands of innocent people. Are all Muslims tending to terrorism?
Ridiculous but dangerous too are people, who try to proof by Koran quotes, that Islam is a violent religion. These people have no knowledge either of Islam nor of Christianity. I`m of course able to proof with quotes of the Bibel that Christianity religion is violent, antagonistic to women and whatsoever, and I can proof the opposite too by Bible quotes. The same is true of the Koran.
The difficulty in the fight against prejudices is, that very often you find behind them false opinions and fears that are old up to centuries ago and were passed down for generations. The only things helping against them are contacts that proof the contrary.
Here`s a true story I experienced. I knew an old lady full of prejudices against Turks. One day I asked her: “ Your taxi driver yesterday, was he okay?“ „Oh, yes he was a nice helpful young man.“ “ Perhaps a Turk?“
„Never, he spoke she same way as me, he was kind and didn`t smell of garlic at all.“ “ He is my friend and he was born in Turkey“ I told her. Looking into her wide eyes I knew that a prejudice had been shattered a little.

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