The Ideologues of Purity

Fundamentalists of all kinds are increasingly more aggressive in recent times. That’s true for parts of Islam. Whereas most authorities want to build a bridge between Western modernity and Islam, there are other powers as Salafists that want to go back to the allegedly pure beginnings of Islam. Concepts such as pluralism, individuality or human rights are rigorously rejected.

But extreme fundamentalism is not a phenomenon that’s limited to Islam. Among Christians are people too, who want a nation based on theocracy, who want to persecute homosexuals, who think abortion is a deadly crime and who are convinced, Darwin and any scientific theory of evolution is a sinful deviation from the pure truth of the Bible.

And we find extreme convictions not only among religious groups. We find in the political sphere very extreme views too, racism and birtherism in the USA as well as racism and pure folk thinking in Europe. And there are even crazy opinions as: so called elites  are trying to exchange people with the people of other cultures.

Of course we are living in free countries and everyone has freedom of speech, even if he is speaking total nonsense. But it will be dangerous,  if minorities standing for extreme convictions try to get through with violent means and terror. We had to experience a lot of terror attacks by islamistic groups, the biggest happened in recent time in France and Belgium. But there’s danger from right – wing groups too. In the USA after 9/11  your statistical risk to be a  victim of right-wing hate crime is bigger than your risk being killed by Muslim terrorists. In Norwegia 77 people were killed by the racist ideologue Breivik and in Germany a high double digit number of innocent victims  came to death after racist attacks.

I see a great danger that different extremists could swing one another. That might lead some countries even to the brink of civil wars. We, the broad majority, who are far away from extremist ideology and violence must be on guard. We must stand against every kind of violence,  no matter where it comes from. If we do not, our freedom will be in danger.  Freedom is not something we have. Freedom is something, we have to stand for every day.

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