Donald Trump is elected as President of the USA. It was a surprise,  I admit. The majority of voters wanted a change,  whatsoever. 
And now? It was a campaign which has proved how deeply divided this nation is. More and more landslide election districts with more of 20% advance of one side. A language in the campaign more and more marked by hatred. Ever less respect and understanding for the other side. One of the few other positive examples was given by President Obama. A Trump supporter acted during a Democratic campaign and he calmed down people with the words: at first we have freedom of speech and second he is and old man and he seems to have served in the armed forces and that deserves respect. Yes, freedom of speech and respect for the other side is requested.
I am convinced, democracy works in the long run only if there is a broad agreement about the values and goals of the nation. A deeply divided nation can be a threat to democracy. A divided nation can be led into a catastrophe by a dangerous demagogue in times of big problems and economic turmoil. See Germany 1933 Hitler or probably Turkey 2016 Erdogan. It´s dangerous making decisions of historical dimension with a tight majority, and after that government believes it is possible to march through without parliamentary support, see UK at the moment.
That is why we all are asked to respect people with different political convictions. And we should try to understand why they have a different opinion. I think it makes no sense blaming someone because he voted for a candidate you don’t like.

But it’s better to ask, if the underlying skepticism against the political establishment has good reasons. People voted for a change, no doubt. But what kind of change? It’s necessary we come into a dialogue without hatred and prejudice. 
I observe most  people live in districts and suburbs together with people of same opinion, they communicate in social media with guys, who share their opinions.  This is a development, that is not good for mutual understanding of a nation. I think the basis of  the dialogue should be values as Democracy, Civil Rights and Human Rights. 

Myself I could not support either candidate. I will not conceal that I have great doubts about Donald Trump, but the American People has elected him. It’s important to unite the nation and to stay in a frank and honest dialogue. And politicians have to learn to listen better to the concerns of people. 

The campaign is over,  now it’s time to learn its lesson. I decided to remain  optimistic. Deep in my heart I know, we shall overcome one day.

What Did This Campaign Reveal

Ein Gedanke zu “What Did This Campaign Reveal

  1. Great post Lothar.
    Trump was elected because the folk who needed him saw him as a non politico. A simple businessman. All those displaying polish, for years had betrayed them. America was being sold down the drain, God was being stomped upon. The ones who believed in God were thought of as unrealistic, non scientific. And more of course, this doesn’t tell the whole story.
    Now Trump was stuck with this demographic which also encompassed, yes some haters, racists, gun control people. He sung to their tune in order to make it into the White House. Trump has his own agenda which will come first. But he will pursue some of the concerns of his constituents, yes. But he will, I believe make a good President. And yes, advisers will be at hand, he will not be the loose cannon depicted. I live in Arizona. And my view is not perfect, but I wanted to introduce a different viewpoint.
    Believe me we’re getting here, all of the Trump supporters. But remember Hitler’s supporters were not getting it, attacks they were the instigators and persecutors.
    Thank you friend Lothar for this beautiful post.

    Gefällt mir

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