How Many Presidents a Nation Must Endure

I`m an unteachable optimist. So, I always I prefer to see challenges and chances to being scared. After the election day I see three facts:
If only millennials voted, the result would be as you can see in the map above. And I add, if only millennials voted neither of both candidates had a chance. Probably Senator Sanders would be President Elect today. That gives hope.
The campaign and the pre-election campaign were a disaster for the party machineries of both sides. And I have hope that other structures will develop but the not-transparent and undemocratic backroom preferences, we had to observe.
I see two options Donald Trump will have. Either his policy will be much different from his speeches in the campaign. In this case few things will change. Or he will act as he spoke in campaign. I hope then a civil movement will arise somehow similar to that in the 1960ies. A movement against racism and for environmentalism. A crisis  can create forces to solve it.

How many Presidents a nation must endure

Till they wake up at the end 

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

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