Democracy Isn’t A Spectator Sport

You have to be active, unless you lose it. That’s very true. 

It’s easy to vote in an election every two or four years, being a bystander during the other time and then you curse about the f…. establishment. And if you think it’s enough to vote for Trump and a change in favor of non privileged hard working people will come, you are wrong. But it’s not better feeling superior to those who think so, and you’re standing outside the playground too. Political dissatisfaction is no answer. You need to be active. Politicians elected by us want to be reelected. Do you want a nation all people are treated equal without redard to color of skin, religion, gender, religious beliefs and sexual orientation?  Do you want affordable meds? Do you want clean water and preventing disastrous climate change? You have to fight for it. And tell your Congressmen and Senators, you will never vote for them, if they don’t stand for this. There are various possibilities to make your political opinions public,  letters,  petitions, different rallies and more up to a big march to Washington. Anything is better than cast the ballot every few years. 

I do not deny, that this perhaps will not be an easy ride. Perhaps Congressmen or Government will not listen to you. But if there are hundred of thousands people they won’t be deaf.  And of course there will be counterpowers. In case your interests are in conflicts with those of Wall Street,  insurance companies it will be a fight with inequal weapons because they’ve much more money. 

But if we are active and no bystanders in the long run millions of people will be stronger than millionaires.

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