English Speaking Test Readers

I`m going to publish in 2017 an English version of my German debut novel. It’s a story about terrorism, love and human conflicts in times of moral confrontations between cultures. An American girl, whose father died in WTC, and some German taxi drivers get between fronts, when Islamist terrorists try to attack a nuclear power plant in Belgium. It’s a fight for life and death. The reader is confronted with questions as, how does terrorism arise? and is it right, to kill people in the name of God? The protagonists have to ask themselves questions as, does a good aim justify any means? At last all are in border situations of human existence. 

An preliminary English version is now available. I give you the opportunity to read  it for free and would be grateful to get any feedback from you about it. Any kind of critical comment, ideas etc are welcome.

The title of the German novel was “ Gott aber  schweigt „, that means “ But God is silent “ another idea for the title was “ Terrorists  and God Things „. At the moment I favor the title  “ Whoever kills  the Innocent „, but perhaps you’ll have a better idea?

I offer a free and signed printed book after it has been published to any test reader, who sends me his feedback. If you are interested you can send me an email  to lotharbirkner@yahoo.de or contact me at twitter or Facebook messenger. You will immediately get a word file of the preliminary version of the novel. 

I thank you for your interest. 

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