Compassion and Love Instead of Greed and Fear

If we look around the world, we regrettably see so many wars, terrorism and other forms of violence. What is the point of these terrible conflicts? Bigotry? Hate? Racism? All these are harmful settings. In the Middle Ages Crusaders went to Jerusalem, they allegedly wanted to free the Holy Sepulcher, in fact they plundered and enriched themselves. Beginning with the 16th century the Spanish came to Latin America, they said they wanted to bring Christianity, but they robbed gold and enslaved millions of people. In that time they discussed in all seriousness, if the indigenous population in America were human beings endowed with a soul. Such racist considerations made it easier to exploit people.
If I look at the international conflicts of our time, I always note as cause or prehistory exploitation of people by humans. And often nationalist or racist narratives are used to justify this. Why so much exploitation? Why are human beings doing this to other people? I think the answer is greed. But why do we see greed so often especially with people, who are rich and materially lacking nothing? The answer might surprise you. I think the origin of greed is fear. They fear, there might be not enough for them. It sounds crazy but studies say, the richer people are the bigger is their fear to lose a part or all of their fortune.
Myself, I firmly believe that we live in a world full of resources to satisfy the needs of all people. But we need to deal with them with compassion and love. And I firmly believe that we are part of a good universe, which will provide us with everything that`s necessary.
Is this only a ridiculous idealist belief? No, that`s the only realistic hope of mankind. The time of fear and greed must be over. But that means, do not look so much for the ways which have always been used. War, peace conferences, ceasefire and war again. The road to peace is not through deterrents and diplomatic talks. The road leads through our consciousness. It`s very true, what Albert Einstein did say “ No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it“ The way to solve the problems of mankind is to change consciousness. We will promote the idea of compassion and love. And if we succeed with this, the apparently insoluble problems are solved.
„No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time is come.“(Victor Hugo) This idea has to be compassion and love.

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