War Against Radical Islam ?

I often hear, we are in war with radical Islam. This is the opinion of the new National Security Adviser, Lt . General  (ret) Michael Flynn too. I read his book “ Field of Fight“ and I have to say, I`m am afraid, if this does mean future Western policy against terrorism. “ We defeated al Qaeda and the Iranians in Iraq, and the Taliban and their allies in Afghanistan“ he says. Please look at reality.
If we speak of „war against radical Islam“ we exactly fall in the trap. Islamistic terrorists tell people, the West would follow the tradition of medieval Crusaders and is leading war against Islam. It`s easy omitting „radical“ and take Western statements as evidence that their own propaganda is true. By the way, of course Islam is abused by terrorists to pursue their aggressive political goals with violence. Similar happend very often in history to Christianity.
Terrorism never can be defeated finally with military measures. These cause so many collateral damages, innocent people are killed. That`s a very effective recruitment program for terrorists. I try to give examples for it in my fictional thriller “ Gott aber schweigt“ that is going to be published this year in English with the title “ Whoever kills the innocent“ .
The most important thing to overcome terrorism is eliminating sources. These sources are poverty, exploitation and lack of education. As long as we do not deal with these problems in endangered countries of Middle East, Africa and Asia, there will be no sustainable success. As long as Western countries are only interested in exploiting raw materials in these countries with the help of corrupt elites there and don`t care for the problems of people, the spiral of violence will be constantly increasing. If President Trump thinks, he could wipe out terrorism allied with Putin and Erdogan by military force, the results will be catastrophic. I`m afraid he might think so. By the way his a.m. National Security Adviser has been active as a lobbyist of President Erdogan, Turkey. No good omen.
This danger needs to be answered by a civil movement in all free countries of the world. Say No to any political approach to solve problems exclusively by military measures. Say No to a climate of hate. Yes to the way eliminating the causes of terrorism and migration movements. Yes to the realization:
We are one world. And all people of good will can solve the problems only united.
Nothing is more powerful than sisters and brothers marching together for a world of peace and love.
We shall overcome.

2 Gedanken zu “War Against Radical Islam ?

  1. Terrorist are not created due to Socialistic reasons. And war against these people (you are correct) is not the answer to eliminating terrorist. No. But forgive me once again, Neither is raising our voices and marching a solution. That is just a smaller means of mirroring the bombing of the innocent and warlike tactics. Dissent along with loud protest is another facet of that same creature who wages war.
    I know this will sound crazy, but……
    All these stages, platforms, including the waging of wars and the marches, including the the role of the „Terrorist“ are due to man being devoid of purpose. And there are some evil agents out there who prey on this. This frailty in man. And as it happens they in turn Grow in Value, in purpose by raising their voices and manipulating the masses.
    It is the ones seeking advantage found in those places of impoverishment where lives have been lost due to the crusaders who have gone out to wage a war of terror against the world, yes they (manipulators) gain „Purpose“, value seeing themselves as „leaders“, idealistic, and so selfishly wish to go out in a burst of glory. The only factor poverty and lack of education plays in this is again reduced to the same thing, „Value“. Identity Value, purpose. Why? Because we have created filthy Lucre (money) as Identity Value. The world needs to be reeducated. An almost impossible task.
    Identity Value is being misappropriated. It is (true Value) The Life of God within man.
    Thank you for this insightful and wonderfully powerful post dear Lothar.

    Gefällt mir

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