Nationalism vs Globalism ?

During the last time I`ve dealt with the ideas of Steve Bannon, the chief strategist of the White House, who is becoming more and more something like a chief ideologist of the extreme Right. He says, there’s a world wide fight between nationalism and globalism. This thesis is as dangerous as wrong. The front lines are quite different. Something like globalization has always been existing. It was called colonialism in 19 . century.  And going further back in history, during Roman Empire Rome plundered the provinces with the help of a small upper class there. Not so much changed, or?

Two things have changed. At first the powerful corporations are today internationally oriented. If for instance the Bayer corporation that is located in Germany buys the US based international corporation Monsanto, that’s nothing to do with German or American interests.

And something else has changed. We live in a worldwide information society. For example people in Africa watch a European soccer game and they see at the same time commercials for expensive cars, jewellery, watches etc. Is it surprising, that under these circumstances the desires of the poor exploited people are directed to the rich countries of the world? This development is intensifying of course the more their situation worsens because of wars and climate change. Please don’t misunderstand me, an unlimited migration from poor to rich countries will be no solution of these problems, they have  to solved at first in the poor countries themselves.

But we all in the rich countries take advantage of the exploitation in poor countries. If someone answers: ‚ Myself?  Never!‘ I answer back: Do you know that neither your car nor your cell phone would work without raw materials from Africa? Are you aware of the fact, that you couldn’t buy your clothes or your chocolate as cheap as you do without worst exploitation in poor countries?

Yes,  we in the rich countries are responsible of that, what does happen in the poor parts of world. And it’s not a question of nationalism or globalism.  IG Farben in Nazi Germany for example were a corporation under national control.And under national command they produced Zyklon B, a gas, which was used to murder millions of Jews.

I am not a supporter of free trade in every case. Weak economies in poor countries surely need protection. Agriculture in African countries must not be exposed without protection to profeteering of international agricultural groups. But if Donald Trump whines there are more foreign cars sold in the USA than vice versa, my opinion is: A strong economy as that of the US doesn’t need protective tariffs but innovative industry policy.

It’s not a question of nationalism or globalism. It’s a question, if the values of the free world matter, the original American values. All men are created equal and endowed with equal rights, and this without regard to color of skin, religion or sexual orientation. And the question is, if international corporation are unrestrained to create recklessly profits for only a few.

Not America first, Germany first or any other country first. 

This planet and mankind first! 

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