I love London

I was seventeen when I fell in love with a wonderful city. It was London, the swinging London of the 1960ies.  I experienced a cosmopolitan and tolerant city. Many things have changed since then, but still it is. London had to endure a lot of terror incidents during the last decades,  attacks from IRA and attacks related to the Middle East.  I appreciate that neither all Muslims nor all Catholics were or are under general condemnation in this city.  

After the recent terror attack I express my solidarity with this city using similar words as President John F Kennedy did in Berlin 1962, he said “ Ich bin ein Berliner “

Today I say : I am a Londoner 

2 Gedanken zu “ I love London

  1. Life is like that Lothar. It gifts us with wonderful memories. And so it is that we must guard also against „regrets“. In everything give thanks.Lovely post friend.

    Gefällt mir

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