2016 A Pyrrhic Victory For GOP

The elections of 2016 seemed to be a great victory for the GOP,  presidency and the majority of both Houses. Now it’s obvious that it was a victory similar to that the Greek king Pyrrhus called ruinous more than 2.000 years ago.


A president  who made in the campaign more unsustainable promises than anyone before,

a president driven by narcissistic self – assessment and surrounded by unexperienced and uncapable aides and consultants,

a president who is crude, a liar, a bully and a cheat, vainglorious and vengeful,

a majority party that bragged for years having something very better than Obamacare in the drawer and then terribly failed,

a majority party that is split in fractions fighting each other.

Trump and the GOP surely will be the losers, but who will be the winners?

I am sure there will be no winners. It’s not clear, if America – and indeed the world- will survive a full – term Trump presidency without big damage. 

My hope is, the resistance of civil society will be strong enough to limit the damage.

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