The Weapons of World War IV

We are living in a world with 10 thousands of nukes. There were a lot of wars during the last decades,  but luckily never a direct confrontation between powers with nuclear weapons. We can be thankful that up to now nuclear powers had in decisive moments responsible leaders.  I remember well President John F Kennedy during the Cuban Crisis in the 1960ies. And finally the Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev deliberately reacted too. But can we be sure, that it will be like this forever?

Look around today. What do you think about the dictator of North Korea? And do you trust Donald Trump would have the same deliberateness as John F Kennedy 55 years ago?

It’s a lesson from history that authoritarian politicians tend to distract from internal-political disasters by looking for foreign adventures.

America has a massive war machine. That power in the hands of a mam like Trump, who operates more on impulse and intuition than intellect makes me shiver.

Congress and civil society should stand up for a foreign policy that is more focused on diplomacy than on military actions.

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