My Commitment as a Novelist

I am a novelist, because I like to set up exciting plots and share the stories with my readers. I want to entertain them of course. But I want more. I want to give them an impetus to think about some important questions too.

We live in a world that seems to be in total disarray. Wars and terror attacks everywhere, millions of refugees, climate change, billions of people suffering from poverty.

I don’t pretend to have solutions to all these problems. On contrary my message is, there are no easy solutions. And one knowledge is very important:

The problems we have to face, never will be solved by violence,  military power, target bombing or anything like this. The simple reason is, violence will always have so called collateral damage ( a terrible word ). That means innocent people will be killed and new hatred will be created this way.

I chose the title 

Whoever Kills The Innocent 

for my first novel in English language that is going to be published after a few months. 

And there’s another message I want to share with you. One of the protagonists of my a.m. novel said:

Stick to those who are searching for truth and be careful if anyone tells you, he found it. 

Let’s stand up against hatred and violence! 

2 Gedanken zu “My Commitment as a Novelist

  1. As a citizen of Pakistan and residing in Saudi Arabia, I can say what you said is 100% truth, nothing but truth.

    It’s just the leaders are going with their egos and nothing else, and we the common people have become the slaves of these leaders across the board.

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