Make Our Planet Great Again 

Do we live in a world, where one part of humanity is able to live in prosperity only at the expense of the others? Some people think so, including people in WH.

„The world is not a global community“ H.R.McMaster and Gary Cohn, two of the most highly regarded Trump advisers, wrote in The Wall Street Journal, “ but an arena where nations, nongovernmental actors and business engage and compete for advantage.“ If something is bad for the rest of the world, it`s probably good for America, according to this view.

But the world is in a mess due to this way of thinking. We have seen this philosophy before, of course. Powerful, selfish people have always adopted this dirty-minded realism to justify their own selfishness. But this philosophy is based on an error about human beings and it leads to a self-destructive behavior in all cases. The ability to work together for the common good is a special human trait.

We have had examples of both, of ruthless self-interest and of outstanding solidarity. But in this period of human history we are at a turning point. The resources of this planet have been exploited so far and are still exploited in a way, that earth will be uninhabitable within the lifetime of the babies born today, if we will not work together. Climate change, technological development and growing inequality in the distribution of wealth force us to decide. Will we go the one way, the Athenian historian and general Thucydides verbalized 400 years BC „the strong do what the can and the weak suffer what they must“ ?
Or will we walk together on the way to save our planet?
The withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement was a step in the wrong direction.
Let´s stand together against environmental destruction.
Let`s make our planet great again.

Ein Gedanke zu “Make Our Planet Great Again 

  1. Trump often takes steps in the wrong direction. In fact he has spent every single day since he occupied The White House dismantling every single thing he considered part of Obama’s successes. Donald J Trump will enter history as the single most intolerant bigot the world has ever known, completely destitute of any sense of common sense.
    Boy, I think many of us look forward to a new President entering 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on January 20th 2021. That day will be the day America is great again!

    Gefällt mir

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