Happy To Live In Germany And Europe

I`ve been born in the aftermath of World War II in Germany. I`ve been lucky to grow up in a free Germany and I`m grateful to the forces of the Anti-Hitler coalition for this.
Germany was at the ground in 1945 and if I look at Germany at the moment the words of Psalm 188:22 come in my mind. “ the stone the builders rejected has become a corner stone“. But though it would have been understandable, the Western nations didn`t reject the German people in 1945, but the helped to build up a free and democratic country. And today I`m able to say, I am happy and proud to live in a Germany, that`s part of the European Union and doubtlessly is the best Germany in its history.

That doesn`t mean there`s nothing to criticize. I wished more efforts to save the climate and the environment. I see social inequality and the influence of economic lobbyists are much to great.
But it`s a matter of a fact, it`s country with free elections, freedom of speech and free press. There are no attempts to leave European Union or even Paris Climate agreement. I live safe. there`s no risk of loosing my healthcare, should I become poor. The risk to be a victim of violence is minimal. The death toll of guns is 70 per year in Germany and on average 93 per day in the USA.

All this will never be a reason for me to be haughty but instead I will be humble and thankful. And I think Germany is obliged to stretch out its hand to all people of this planet to work together, that we can hand over to our children and grandchildren a world without ruthless environmental destruction, a world in peace and justice.
I will stand up for this with my modest possibilities.

3 Gedanken zu “Happy To Live In Germany And Europe

  1. Thank you for sharing that!
    I don’t know much about Germany sorry … What I do know, is they seem to have taken excellence to the next level! I like that!
    Do you think Germany came so far because of the things that it experienced pre and post World War?

    Gefällt mir

  2. I´m not sure about this, but I know that after WWII a generation grew up that dealt with the reasons for the rise of Nazis and WWII and they stand with a broad majority that something like this will never happen again in Germany

    Gefällt mir

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