If I Were Donald Trump

I am a novelist, so I sometimes slip into some strange characters.
The other day I had a crazy idea, I asked myself, if I were Donald Trump, how would I feel, what would I do?
I were a rich business man having the concept, I go into politics. As I have a high self-esteem, I am applying for the most powerful office in world. Perhaps I don`t count on coming in the Oval Office, but I know running for presidency of the USA is at least a good advertising for my international business.
And now? Oops!
During the campaign I noticed a lot of encouragement from people who felt left behind in this society. In fact I don`t have the slightest idea of their problems, because I´m a billionaire. But my instinct tells me, if I pretend to have solutions for them and at the same time feed their prejudices, I will get a lot of votes.
And Oops I have a majority in the electoral college and a few weeks later I`m in the WH.
But now my problems begin. About 4.000 government officials must be found. So many? I never knew. Even 4 month after my inauguration this is not done. And many more problems seem to be more difficult, than I ever thought before. A lot of problems everywhere. Foreign policy for example. So many countries. Qatar ? The only thing I remember about Qatar is, I could not do business there. Probably they all are bad terrorists. A big US military base in Qatar? Nobody told me or I forgot, whatsoever.
Healthcare? Medicaid? Problems I`m not really interested in. I want these thing get done by Paul Ryan and Mich McConnell anyway. 100.000 $ a year for a nursing home can´t be a big problem, or?
Annoying that people always argue about constitution. So called judges stop my executive orders, some lawmakers call for independent investigators. Nonsense I am the boss- I can demand loyalty.
25. Amendment ? Impeachment ? Bullshit! My people in Congress will prevent that. But what´s about the voters? The people I promised better and cheaper healthcare and who will lose it? The people in the rust belt, whom I promised jobs?
If I were Donald Trump I would try to get as soon as possible rid of a job I do not understand. But I forgot, if I were Donald trump I´d be a narcissist and I´d only listen to the people who flatter me and cheer. So I´m afraid we will have to watch the tragedy to the bitter end.

Ein Gedanke zu “If I Were Donald Trump

  1. Watching some of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons the other day I thought it would be a great idea if someone redid that cartoon with Trump as Shredder and always going after the wretched reporters.
    I’d watch that.

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