Fascism Rising? Pay attention to the signs

„Fascism, a Warning“ is the title of a book by Madeleine Albright, that recently was published and the time is well chosen, we can recognize in many countries of the world a tendency towards authoritarian forms of government and first signs of a  rising fascism.

Albright is careful to warn against the indiscriminate use of the term „fascism,“ and she very properly begins this book with a discussion of its proper usage and meaning. Beginning with the origins of the term in the early twentieth century, she traces the development of Fascist regimes and leaders who promote Fascism, from Mussolini and Hitler through Stalin (who raged against Fascism while practicing it to an advanced degree) through to the present. Erdogan, Orban, Milosevic, the Kim dynasty, and Putin are some of the many practicing Fascists Albright covers. Donald Trump has a chapter devoted specifically to him, but Albright is not writing a partisan screed by any means, merely analyzing the man’s behavior and actions and demonstrating their disturbing similarities to leaders who clearly practice Fascism. Perhaps the most important chapters are the final two, in which Albright enumerates the danger signs for the United States and the world and provides a series of questions to ask and steps to take for concerned citizens.

In my view we see alarming signs at the moment in the USA and dangerous developments in Turkey, Poland, Venezuela, Russia, Hungary, Philippines  and some other countries. None of them is currently a fascist country and I wouldn`t call the numerous populist movements, we see in many countries, 100% fascist. But some early warning signs are visible almost everywhere. And be aware, the development will be probably step by step. (If you pluck a chicken one feather at a time, people don’t notice. Benito Mussolini).

Therefore we should not feel safe. In the general elections to the German Reichstag in 1928 right-wing extremists (Nazi party and others) achieved a total of 16,9% of the votes. In 1929  the world economic crisis began and at its peak in 1932 they had 43,2%.

Resist the beginnings !

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