Wera Hobhouse MP Is she British? Is she German? No she is European !

I´ve been engaged in a lot of discussions here in Germany about nationality during the last weeks. There are people who say passport doesn`t matter, only ancestry counts. For example, a Pole will always be Polish, or a Turk will always remain Turkish no matter what papers say about his nationality and no matter how long he lives in Germany.

I think this opinion is wrong. We see in every nation people who immigrated there, or whose parents or grandparents immigrated there. That`s a matter of a fact not only for classical immigration countries as USA, Canada or Australia, it`s the same with European countries as Germany, UK, France or Italy. These people are part of the nation, they contribute to the development of its culture and their economic prosperity.

And as far as the countries of Europe are concerned, I even go one step further. I am convinced that there is a European nationality and a European culture that is increasingly becoming both a reality and a necessity. First I speak to a lot of people, who travel through Europe and tell about it: “ Oh, we found people in those countries who are like us and who live like us.“ And secondly, I don`t know any major problem in this world, that can be solved solely on national basis, take for instance peace keeping, climate change or tax avoiding strategies of international corporations.

I think Wera Hobhouse is an excellent example for this message. Born in Hannover Germany, studied in Germany and France, living in the UK for about 3 decades, Member of Parliament for the constituency of Bath since 2017 for the Libdems. Is she British? Is she German? No, I think she is European! 

We live in a time that`s very crucial for the future of Europe and UK. And I am deeply convinced that the decision Remain or Leave needs a democratic final vote. Of course I know the argument, there was already a referendum that must be respected. But at the first referendum no details were know. Imagine, you signed a letter of intend to buy a house on the basis of the description of an eloquent salesman, wouldn`t you want to have a final decision after you have seen the house? Now all details are on the table. that`s the reason why a second referendum is a democratic necessity.

Wera Hobhouse and all MPs who want a final vote deserve the support of all British people and all Europeans! 

Ein Gedanke zu “Wera Hobhouse MP Is she British? Is she German? No she is European !

  1. „These people are part of the nation, they contribute to the development of its culture and their economic prosperity.“ I agree with you. South Africans constitute a wonderful and diverse mix of people from other African countries, India, different parts of Europe as well as Malaysia and the Middle East. There are the inevitable cultural differences of course, but on the whole we have all contributed to the richness of life at the tip of this vast continent: we enjoy a wide variety of food and share a delightful sense of humour – largely as a result of our differences that make us South African.

    Gefällt mir

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