Jeremy Corbyn you must act now to prevent a no-deal Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn, what`s your plan? Brexit, you say in a commentary for the Guardian, does not have to be hard. It could be different, as Theresa May has negotiated with the EU. You say, trade with the EU could continue to be „smooth“ – and without any harm to the United Kingdom. A new, comprehensive customs union with the EU, in which the British can co-decide in future trade agreements, that`s what you want. With all respect,  your plan for Brexit sounds more like a wish list than an actionable strategy.

Even if you succeeded with a motion of no-confidence in Parliament and  you will  be PM after new elections, the EU would not reopen the Brexit negotiations. Brussels has made it clear from the outset that the UK will only be able to remain in the common market if there`s freedom of movement. And that’s not what the Brexiteers want.

Hope for a better deal is pure imagination. In fact, the alternatives are manageable. The actual withdrawal agreement, a no-deal Brexit or a Finalsay of the British people, that with high probability leads to Remain.

The argument there was a referendum is rather simple-minded. The referendum 2016 was the decision between status quo and a completely diffus something. A certain procedure began with the notification according to article 50 Lisbon Treaty. The notification was triggered by the 2016 referendum. At the end of this procedure (all details known) a #FinalSay shall shall be undemocratic ??

Maybe you will reach general elections in 2019. I would like it. But there`s well-founded doubt. Do you really think hard Brexiteers and DUP MPs will vote with Labour to topple Theresa May? Either way time is running out to prevent a no-deal Brexit and catastrophic conditions for the United Kingdom.

In modesty, I know my opinion hardly counts, but the fact that an overwhelming majority of Labor members and voters want a #Finalsay should convince you, what to do. Act now !

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