The reward for a day’s work will have to be greater, on average, than it has been, and the reward for capital, especially capital that is speculative, will have to be less.

This call is 87 years old, and it`s today more relevant than ever. Franklin D. Roosevelt said so, when he announced a New Deal. Looking back to the late 1920ies and comparing the situation then and now, we observe, that the income share of the top 1% has risen to a comparable height as 90 years ago.

Instead of counteracting this development during the last 2 years government and the majority in parliament made tax cuts, that favored the top 1% and caused the national debt to rise. Surely a dangerous development. I don`t hope that a crash as in 1929 will happen
before politics makes a clear change of direction.

I think the US needs again a New Deal and a new FDR ! And this would be a good signal for our world too!

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