We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

If I compare the mood in our days and 40 or 50 years ago, then, first of all, I realize at that time, confidence, optimism and a belief in a positive future were widespread. Today, however, I notice fear of the future and pessimism everywhere.

I`m not going to say, that some fear of future is unjustified. Climate change! Possible climate catastrophe! If it is not stopped, this planet could possibly become uninhabitable for humanity in perhaps 100 years! But I see in large parts of the population, the fear of mass immigration is greater than the fear of climate disaster.

Of course mass immigration is a great challenge for our society and if it`s handled the wrong way, it could be a big risk. But in comparison with a climate catastrophe threatening humanity as a whole, no question which is the pivotal problem, especially since climate change will trigger further migration movements

But why such a misjudgement with so many people ? I think, there are 2 reasons. The worst effects of climate change will only be felt in a few decades. The effects today – here a heatwave, there a hurricane –
can still be downplayed. Problems resulting from migration are immediately visible. The second reason is, some politicians deliberately sow fear and hatred to achieve their goals. This was the way Trump was elected and 52% voted for Leave in the UK 2016. This kind of politician
distract us from the really big problems of our time, because they seek their own advantage or represent interests of the oil and gas industry. We don’t need fear mongers in politics. We need governments and lawmakers who tackle the problems of our time with courage and foresight, or with other words we need a new FDR.

To be honest, I don`t put my hope on recent mainstream politicians. But perhaps we can hope for a new generation of lawmakers. People who have been partially elected for the first time in the Congress, persons as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I sincerely hope out of their ranks someone like a new FDR who brings a desperately needed New Green Deal will emerge. The US and the word really will need this.

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