Woman Power Against Macho Trump

I`m an old white man and when I was born, people generally believed that politics were a man’s business. Fortunately, that is no longer current today. It should be taken for granted that women play as big a role in politics as men do.

But if we look at governments and parliaments, we are still a long way from that in most Western countries. We could even see that many populist movements propagate ideas of white supremacy and male supremacy. Last but not least, the election of Trump 2016 had to do with such ideas.

Even more I happily note, there are a lot of strong women in politics and everywhere, who resist Trump`s attempt to turn back the wheel of history and to make politics for the super-rich against ordinary people.

Of course not only women, men as well. But it`s good, that the role of women in this resistance is getting more and more important. And I’m so bold to say: Trump will lose against a girl in 2020. And that will be a day of joy for the US and the world!

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