Brexit Chaos reveals a problem of democracy: It`s easier to find majorities against than pro something

Brexit referendum 2016, did Leave voters vote for any specific plan? I don´t think so. They voted against EU, against Cameron, against immigration, against „too many brown faces in Britain“ , against a lot of social problems and many things more. And they hoped their Leave vote would help to solve their problems.

Today 32 months have gone since the first referendum in 2016. Anything clear now? No ! The only thing we know is, if nothing is done during the next 6 weeks, UK will be no longer part of the EU. And then? The list of unanswered questions seems to be longer day by day.

Votes in the House of Commons show, there are again and again majorities what MPs don`t want, but it seems to be impossible to have a majority for a realistic solution.

Origin of the problem was, Tories were hopelessly divided on the question, if the UK should remain in the EU or not and they thought it were a smart idea to transfer their inability to find a solution to the people, but they did so without concrete and realistic alternatives and so they did nothing but to increase the mess.

Democracy needs majorities and the majorities must refer to concrete solutions, so that everyone knows, how they will look like exactly. Everything else will create discontent with democracy and this will be very dangerous at the end.

The only possible solution of the current chaos can be a Final Vote with the 2 options that seem to be conceivable and realistic.

Let the people vote again: Remain or Leave without deal and never never call again for a referendum without concrete alternatives!

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